Textile and Clothing

The marking of clothing, knitted products is performed with the use of textile care labels, self-adhesive labels and hang tags. Care labels contain all required information such as: washing instructions, fabric used, clothing size ect. and they are printed in thermal transfer technology. 

It assures the high quality and durability of the printout and resistance to washing, ironing and detergents. Nylon taffeta is commonly used for marking clothing and its cost is the lowest. Whereas, satina is used for elegant clothing. Self-adhesive labels are usually applied to carpets, linings, mats, matresses and inside shoes. Carboard tags with the product name, manufacturer's address and barcode are used for marking textiles in retail sales.




  • textile labels for product designation
  • cardboard tags which contain price information
  • labels for rough surfaces as carpets, shoes, wipers ect.


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