Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are used everywhere there is a need for product identyfication,  all the way through production to warehousing.


  • Warehouse labels and tapes

    Warehouse labels are critical components in optimizing performance and price across the entire warehouse environment.

  • Product designations

    The main purpose of designation labels is to indicate or specify the main features of a products such as size, content, weight, width ect.

  • Special purpose labels

    Special purpose labels must meet a series of criteria depends on product demands such as resistant to very high or very low temperatures, aggresive chemical agents or UV radiation. Special glue properties enable the application of labels both to flat and curved, smooth and rough surfaces.

  • Sealed labels

    Sealed labels are designed to protect ready made products in their warranty period against unauthorized  interference.
    Sealed labels are as permanent marking of electronic elements and automotive parts and also packages (medicines, software, CD, ect.). When removal is attempted the labels get damaged, preventing the reapplication of the labels.

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